The harmful effects related to sitting in front of a computer all day often go unnoticed until it's too late.
Most of the computer-related damage takes time to develop. When it does, they can take a lot of time and money to treat properly.

Your Online Self-Assessment Solution

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Ergonomic Self-Assessment

Our Ergonomics Self-Assessment is a 29-point guided assessment that assesses and trains the desk jockey on their working environment, seating, keyboard, monitor, work area, and desk accessories. The self-assessment is based-on OSHA guidelines and is designed for your office and at-home workforce.

The Four Phases Of Our Program

Complete Guide To Empowering Your Employee Health
The Desk Jockey Course
The Ergonomics Self Assessment
Ergonomic Results Reporting and Analytics
Ongoing Support and Monitoring
By learning and applying proper ergonomics, your team minimizes the risks associated with prolonged sitting at a computer workstation all day

It reduces the chances of developing repetitive strain injuries, and reduce future medical expenses, saving your company money in benefits.

In addition to better health, your team will also become more effective and productive. Working becomes a more enjoyable experience in the short and long term.

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